Painting Keychron keyboard frame with WR blue mica



I bought Keychron K6 keyboard. The appearance is just normal. 2 colors of combination keys and a red escape keycap. It’s almost dark.

I checked several youtube videos to check typing sound, I saw following video.

After that, I want my keyboard original and nice by painting the frame.

Things to be prepared

Silicon remover

Primer and surfacer spray

Material of the frame is metal so we need surface to put paint.

WR blue mica spray

This color is used Subaru’s WRX!

Clear coating

WR blue mica contains metalic chips and the instruction says needs clear coating.

It costs 4,500 JPY for initial. I think I can use these stuff for 5 times of painting keyboard frame so that cost is 1,000 JPY for each.

Steps to paint


  • Remove sillicon.
  • Primary + Surfacer spray
  • WR blue mica x 2
  • Clear coat x 2


Remove silicon and paint with Primary + surfacer.

Step 2

Paint color twice

Step 3

Clear coat twice

My Keychron K6 mod

I also painted head of the bolts with black metal.

Contrast of red escape key and blue is nice!

Happy hacking!